hardcore jedi action (lebowski) wrote,
hardcore jedi action

I'm starting to question why the hell I even bothered to come out here in the first place...
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to do awesome things.

just repeat that to yourself
Awesome things like climb mountains and pointing a sword at the open sky? Cause I could do that..
doesn't everyone awesome do that?
oh no. it has to be better than here. and it's prettier i bet?
If you like barren desert landscapes (which I kinda do), then it is prettier. But it's a lot more boring, and there is way less opportunity than Orlando.
good. come back.
you'll be seasoned soon..
and then it all gets better.

call the walkietalkie.
As soon as I get a phone! Which... might be a while..
I want to come back, but I know that's just me being weak. I'll tough it out for a while, we'll see.